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Planning a Family Trip to Cartagena

Cartagena has become one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, and it’s been particularly popular recently. Cartagena is on the northern coast of Columbia, and it’s part of the Caribbean coast of the South American country. Cartagena has a rich colonial history, and it was a major trade port for Spain by the mid-1500s.

Cartagena is also one of the largest urban areas in Colombia, and there are areas within the city that are designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

So what should you know if you’re a mom planning a family trip to the popular destination? The following are some tips.

Where To Stay

When you’re planning a family trip, you have plenty of considerations to keep in mind, and one is the best kind of place to stay. Of course, there are hotels and resorts in Cartagena, but as a mom, you might instead opt for an apartment or house rental. You can send money to Cartagena and book anything from an apartment in an urban area of the city to a luxury villa.

The good thing about renting an apartment or an entire home is that it gives your family space to spread out, you’ll have more of the amenities of home, and you get more of an authentic feel for what the city has to offer. When you stay in a local neighborhood you can see all the street art, you’re close to places to enjoy local dining and shopping.

The Beaches

When you travel with kids, enjoying beach days is one of the best things you can do. The kids can swim and play, while you can relax (somewhat). Cartagena has stunning beaches with beautiful turquoise water that’s calm and good for swimming and other activities.

The beaches are definitely something you shouldn’t miss during your visit.

Old Town

Old Town Cartagena is steeped in rich history. You can wander through the ancient streets, and enjoy the architecture and colorful facades. There are street vendors throughout Old Town, and it gives you not only a great Cartagena experience but a quintessential Colombia experience.

The history of Old Town includes the Spanish Conquest, and there are landmarks and museums that families with kids of all ages will enjoy. There is even a pirate scavenger hunt through Old Town put on by the organization This Is Cartagena. The scavenger hunt includes stops at places like the Gold Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, and Parque Bolivar.

Finally, when you’re planning your trip, you might think about saving some time to go outside the city as well. For example, Mompos is located on the Rio Magdalena, and there are more beautiful colonial architecture and historical landmarks to enjoy here. Santa Marta is the oldest Hispanic town in Colombia, and there’s also Parque Nacional Tayrona. Parque National Tayrona features stunning beaches but rough currents, as well as coral reefs, and the highest coastal mountain range in the world.

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