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California Vacations You Can Take Your Baby with You

Summer vacations are here. Where are you planning to take your kids this year? How about a road trip? Traffic School California can teach you how to safely drive through the State of California and arrive at your destination without any personal injury or damage to your vehicle.

While a road trip may excite you or your spouse, more than the CA $768 million electric car infrastructure, it might get tiring for your baby who finds it particularly hard to sit in one place for extended periods! However, if the location is as rewarding as California, it may be worth the hassle of traveling with your baby. California is the perfect getaway for your family this summer because of baby-friendly destinations and perfect weather throughout the state.

What to do When in California?

While the beaches alone are good enough reason for adults to flock to California; what does California have for kids? If it is a family vacation, you want to make sure everyone is having a good time! Luckily, California has something for everybody. Below are some of the absolutely “must see” places of California; that will keep you and your cute little ones entertained, at the same time:

Disneyland. You are never too old or young to be excited about Disneyland. There is a reason why of all the beautiful places in California, this one is first on our list! Fantasyland rides, Mickey’s Toon Town – this really is the best place to take your kids to! Disneyland offers a wide range of themed hotels and various other options, available on site.

San Diego. Now is the perfect time to hit the beach, and San Diego is proud of its huge coastline where flowers greet you on the other side. Whether you are a beach lover or a mountain lover, San Diego offers both. As for your kids, there is the impressive San Diego Zoo with interesting performances happening throughout in the SeaWorld. Not to forget the Legoland too!

San Jose. This tiny city has huge offerings, from the beaches of Santa Cruz to the Salinas Valley; there is a lot to see! It even has its own museum for children – The San Jose Children’s Discovery Museum. Once you are done with that, you can head to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and let your tiny ones indulge in the aquatic wonders. San Jose is also one of the cheapest hotel bases across the otherwise touristy and pricey places of California.

San Francisco. This vibrant city needs no introduction. San Francisco is known for its gentle cable cars, and you could start your Francisco tour with that. However, the iconic Golden Gate Bridge will be the highlight of your trip. If walking over the bridge is too cliché, then rent a bike and cover its vast stretch. At the Musee Mecanique, introduce your kids to the 80s games you grew up playing. Right next to it is the Pier 45, where you can ditch the ordinary boating cruises and instead, take your kids inside a real submarine.

While California has endless options, the spring and summer are peak tourist seasons. You need to make your hotel and car rental bookings well in advance to avoid any last-minute hassles. Finding kid-friendly options should not be a problem in California. You can plan all your activities around your baby or other children and have a great time during your entire trip. Happy vacation in the Golden State!

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