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3 Things To Teach Your Teen About Having Clear Skin Throughout Puberty

While everyone may have a breakout here and there, it’s usually teens who are going through puberty that have the hardest time keeping their skin clear. At a time in their lives where what you look like and what people think of you seems really important, feeling confident in your own skin can really be a big factor in your teen’s self esteem for years to come. So to help them learn how to take care of their skin and feel comfortable with what they look like, here are three things you should teach your teen about having clear skin throughout puberty. 

Cleansing Is Important 

Although a big part of having healthy skin starts with what you put inside your body, how you take care of the skin on the outside of your body is important as well. According to Madeline R. Vann, a contributor to Everyday Health, one of the best things your teen can do for their skin is to cleanse it. Depending on how dirty or oily their skin gets, they should try to cleanse their skin at least once or twice per day. This is especially important at night, when everything that you’ve been around all day has attached itself to your skin. Because of this, make sure you help your teen find a good everyday cleanser for his or her skin. 

Avoid Oil 

In addition to putting the right type of products on their face, you should also teach your teen about what type of things to keep away from their face. Having excess oil on your skin can cause you to breakout or make any skin issues more intense. So to combat this, Karen Hellesvig-Gaskell, a contributor to, shares that you should teach your teen to avoid getting oil on their face, either from the products they’re using or the food they’re eating. By simply wiping off your mouth after you eat something oily or using a blotting paper to get rid of some of their shine, they can make a big difference in the amount of oil they keep in their faces. 

Rotate Your Products 

Many teens have found that a certain acne treatment will work for a while but will then stop working for their skin. According to Colette Bouchez, a contributor to WebMD, this is a very common occurrence that happens when your skin starts getting used to a product. So to keep this from happening to your teen, get a few products that you can rotate through every couple of months so your skin doesn’t have a chance to get too used to any one item you’re using.

If you have a teen struggling with having clear skin, consider using the tips mentioned above to help them find some solutions to their problems.

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