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Books that Use Psychological Techniques to Help Children Fall Asleep

Being a parent is nice and challenging at the same time. Your first and foremost purpose as a parent is to find the perfect way in which to ensure that your children get the proper education and grow up in a healthy, loving environment. If you are searching for new ways in which to help your children get a good night sleep you should discover all about the bedtime phenomenon. If you have not heard about it yet, you should know that scientists have developed great books to send your children to bed and falling asleep in just a few minutes. What do these books have to offer? They include the use of psychological techniques that have proven to be very effective for children and the quality of their sleep at night. Let’s discover below some of the best books that use psychological techniques to help children fall asleep.

Books to Put Your Children to Sleep            

story for kidsEven if for certain authors the idea of writing a book that might put their readers to sleep in a couple of minutes might not see like the greatest idea, it actually is. When you consider the benefits of psychological techniques for a good night sleep you will understand why. This is what the authors who have managed to write such amazing books have also understood and why they decided to put into these books their knowledge and skills related to this phenomenon.

The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep

This is a book created by Carl-Johan Forssen Ehrlin, a Swedish behavioral psychologist. It is a 26 page paperback that focuses on positive reinforcement type of techniques to enable proper relaxation, focus and a good night sleep for children. As a parent using this book with this main purpose, you are instructed to achieve great results by speaking in a slow voice that might calm your child or emphasize on certain words that have relaxing effects. The book also includes pictures to attract attention but the main purpose is to read the book to your child while he easily feels calm, relaxed and falls asleep.

A Terrible Thing Happened

This book is recommended especially for children who have experienced some sort of trauma or have suffered for physical abuse earlier in their life. The main character of the book is Raccoon Sherman Smith who also experiences a trauma one day and suffers from constant nightmares that do not allow him to rest properly. His school counselor enables him to open up about these issues and let go of negative energy by drawing pictures and openly taking about the issues. This is a great book for parents to use when their children have experienced such issues to help them feel more relaxed in the evening and easily fall asleep without any fear of nightmares.

Calm Down Time

This book was written by Elizabeth Verdick. It is actually a picture book that uses evidence-based exercises created for diffusing tantrums. These exercises ensure deep breathing, calming phrases that help your child feel relaxed as well as counting numbers out loud type of exercised to train your child’s brain before falling asleep at night. Your children will certainly enjoy these exercises and learn to use self-control techniques when they feel like their emotions are no longer under control. They easily fall asleep feeling calm and peaceful.

Psychological techniques have proven to be highly effective for parents who want to help their children fall asleep easily every night. Check out the wide variety of books based on these techniques and use the ones you consider mostly appropriate for the needs of your own child.

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