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6 Tips to Keep in Mind When You Switch to Vaping

Recently, several studies have found that smokers who switch to vaping with an e-cigarette are at a lower risk of developing smoking-related diseases such as lung cancer or heart disease. Since e-cigarettes first made an appearance on the market, they have been a popular nicotine replacement therapy and have helped thousands of people to finally kick the habit and lead a healthier lifestyle.

If you’ve wanted to quit smoking for a long time and aren’t sure where to start, switching to vaping can be a great way to kick-start your new and improved lifestyle. It provides a convenient, familiar alternative to smoking whilst enabling you to avoid the harmful toxins found in traditional cigarettes, such as tar and carbon monoxide. If you want to switch to vaping and get rid of cigarettes for good, here are some top tips to help you along the way.

Tip #1. Choose the Right E-cigarette Type:

Before you can fully make the switch to vaping, you’ll need to choose a suitable personal vaporizer device. But with so many on the market and several different types to choose from, making sure that you’ve made the right choice can be tricky. If you’re just starting out, you might benefit from a simple starter kit, which will help you get used to vaping and come with everything that you need including the e-cigarette itself, liquids, and a charger. Once you’re used to it, you may then want to think about upgrading to a more powerful kit, such as a box mod vape, if you need. Others may find that the starter kit is enough for them.

Tip #2. Get to Know Your E-Liquid:

Understanding what e-liquid is and how it works is key to making the most of your switch to vaping. Once you’ve gotten your head around e-liquid you will be able to choose the best type for both your vaporizer and your personal needs.

E-liquid is made of three main ingredients – vegetable glycerine (VG), propylene glycol (PG), and various concentrations of nicotine. In addition, you’ll also find a range of flavorings in the mix depending on the liquid that you are using. A high-quality brand will use natural flavorings that are nothing to worry about. In fact, one of the best parts of switching to vaping is the wide range of flavors that are available. You can go with traditional tobacco or menthol, or switch it up and experiment with fruity, sweet, or weird and wonderful flavors. The choice is entirely yours! Don’t be afraid to try different flavors out if you’re unsure of which ones you’re going to like the most. Read more here!

Tip #3. Gradually Adjust Your Nicotine Intake:

One of the best things about switching to vaping is that unlike quitting by going ‘cold turkey’, you will still be getting nicotine and, therefore,are able to avoid all of the nasty side effects. In addition, you can also choose the concentration of nicotine that you’re getting in the e-liquid that you use. This means that you can start off with a higher concentration and gradually lower it until you’re not using any nicotine at all.

A good vape shop will be able to advise you on the concentration of nicotine you should start off with, based on how heavy or light of a smoker you were at the time. However, bear in mind that a very high concentration is not always the best idea. This is because you’re more likely to inhale a lot more when you’re vaping, so you could end up overdosing on nicotine if you’re not careful. If you vape a lot more than you smoked, a lower nicotine concentration is the best choice.

Tip #4. Find Out What Works for You:

Don’t be disheartened if the first vape kit or liquid that you try simply doesn’t do it for you. That’s exactly why there are so many different vaporizers and e-liquids to choose from today; everybody has different preferences and what works well for one person could be useless for another.

So, don’t be afraid to try new things, experiment, and keep going until you find something that clicks with you and works well. This could mean upgrading to a more advanced e-cigarette kit or trying a flavor of liquid that you wouldn’t normally choose. One tip for choosing liquids is to go for the flavors and tastes that you tend to enjoy in everyday life, although bear in mind that this isn’t a hard and fast rule and you could end up loving an e-liquid flavor that you wouldn’t choose in any other situation.

Tip #5. Get Support:

Even though vaping means that you’re provided with a great alternative, making the switch is no easy task. In addition to giving up cigarettes, you’ll also be getting used to a new habit, which can take time and willpower to achieve. It’s important to ensure that you approach the switch in a similar way to how you’d approach giving up cold turkey. If you can, join a stop smoking support group to share your story and get advice from others who’ve been in the same situation.

Your family, friends, and even work colleagues can also be very supportive of you whilst you make the switch. If there’s a particular person who you’d usually smoke with, why not ask them if they’d like to try switching to vaping too so that you can do it together?

Tip #6. Always Choose High-Quality:

Last but not least, always choose a high-quality provider whether you’re buying a new e-cigarette or e-liquids. Invest in good quality as this will make the switch easier and also lower the risk of harm or injury caused by a malfunction. Always choose a reputable vaping brand or supplier; those who have lots of experience in helping first-timers choose their kit are a good place to start. Buy your vaping essentials from a brand that cares about your personal needs and preferences, your safety, and your quitting journey.

Did you find these tips useful for making the switch? Let us know!

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