3 Style Tips For New Moms

When you have a baby, you expect that your life will change, and although you are not quite aware of the extent that it will do, at least you are pre-warned. Your body obviously changes during pregnancy, but what about after delivery? The media is awash with images and stories of how celebrity moms are back in their jeans in a matter of weeks after the birth and this promotes the notion that your body will spring back into shape too. The reality is that your body changes, and sometimes the changes are permanent. So how can new moms look stylish with their new body?

Firstly, you mustn’t despair.

Go to your closet and take out the clothes that no longer fit you. There is no point having them in there while you are unable to wear them. Bag them up and put them in the attic until your body settles. You may be tempted to wear some of your favorite sweaters and tops but do be warned that while you can fit in them now, they will stretchand may not look as good when you return to your usual size.

1.   The basics

You need to have a good pair of jeans that are comfortable. Buy some plus size jeans so that you are comfortable and look fantastic while your body settles. Consider it an investment: you’ll get so much wear out of them. It is prudent to buy a couple of pairs, one to wash and one to wear.

You also need to have a selection of tops that fit you well: shirts, tees and sweaters. Try to avoid overly complex patterns and aim for simplicity. The benefit of this is that you won’t have to spend time trying to coordinate an outfit, everything will naturally complement each other. By choosing colors such as navy, white, grey and black, you can create a monochrome outfit that is not only slimming but always looks stylish without too much effort or thought.

2.   Accessories

Accessories are key for new moms to look stylish. A scarf or statement necklace can transform an outfit. Even jeans and a simple tee looks like a polished outfit when accessories are added.

You’ll have a whole lot of baby paraphernalia to carry around too, so an over-sized tote provides the ideal solution, rather than a functional rucksack. To complete the look, never leave home without your sunglasses!

3.   Shoes

You may have noticed that your shoes are tighter since you have been pregnant. During pregnancy, the hormones that your body releases to relax the ligaments and bones in your pelvis also affect the ligaments in the rest of your body. Plus, the additional weight that you carry while pregnant flattens the arch of your foot. This means that you have a good excuse to buy new shoes. You’ll likely be covering some miles with the baby in the stroller so having shoes that fit you well is important. Choose a statement pair of sneakersthat can be worn with dresses and trousers.

There is nothing quite as daunting as having to go out in clothes that you no longer feel comfortable in; however, with a few tweaks and additions to your closet, you’ll be feeling as stylish as ever before.

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