Decorating and Designing Decisions Your Family Should Make Together

As the head of a household, there are some decorating and designing projects that you should take on by yourself. Either you have some vested interest in the outcome that is personal to you, or perhaps you have some form of expertise involved. However, for other decorating and designing projects, you should include your family as much as possible. All of you should come to conclusions together about what to do next.

So what are a few of these decisions that should be more of a collective opportunity? Whatever color you decide to paint the exterior of your house, there should be a consensus. As a family, you should choose where the main television is going to be. 

If you have a basement, you should get input from everyone in your family about what kinds of rooms you want down there if you plan on finishing the area. And, because hopefully everyone will be cooking and cleaning in the kitchen, any redesigns there should be a matter of public discussion.

Exterior Paint Colors

How your home looks from the outside is a matter of your family’s concern. Because of this, if you’re deciding the color of paint you want to use on your home or the color of your garage door, you should put it up for a vote. Have everyone come outside and look at your house from the street. Look at your neighbors’ homes. Decide what color makes you all happy together, and it will be a decision that everyone stands behind.

Where Is the TV?

If you decide to buy a new TV for your family, there is a decision that will come into play soon after. And that question is – where are you going to put the TV? Some members of your family may be most interested in having it in a living room, while others might want it in an entertainment room. TVs can be the center of attention, or they can be very distracting depending on the flow of energy within your family.

How To Finish the Basement

Maybe you’ve decided it’s time to finish the basement. That decision can be made unilaterally. But then there’s the idea of what to do with that basement as your finishing it. Do you want it to be another living room? Do you want to turn it into a game room? 

Maybe it should be a play area for younger children. Or maybe one person wants a bedroom down there. Whatever the decision, it should be made as a family.

The Layout of the Kitchen

Ideally, everyone in your family should participate in cooking and cleaning the kitchen. Because of this, the choice to remodel your kitchen should be one that everyone makes. The last thing you want is to make a decision on your own about how the kitchen should look and then find out the rest of your family does not approve.

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