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5 Ways To Show Your Husband That You Appreciate Him

Though a mass number of men simply don’t deserve petting and appreciation from their partners, there are those fine few who deserve the utmost respect and love.  If your husband is one of those men, then you understand that he is special.

You don’t have to wait until Father’s Day, or some other special holiday, to show him how much you appreciate everything he does.  Take a few hints from reading through this brief overview, and consider your next move.  

Get him something for self care 

Men love spa treatments too.  The current times have allowed for common “masculine” stereotypes to fall away a bit, and men are taking more time to enjoy being pampered.  

You could set up a time for the two of you to get a couples massage.  You could get him a new fancy razor, or get him the finest beard oil to maintain his mane.  The objective is to find something that will boost his confidence and mood.  

Entice his natural urges 

Men typically don’t mind a good flirt session with their partner.  You know what turns his gears. Spend some time teasing and testing his willpower throughout the day, and then show him just how you feel at night. 

A good round of love-making will brighten his day and yours.  There’s really no way to lose by giving this particular gift.   

Write him an old-fashioned love note

Guys may not always be able to express their needs as clearly as women, but they do appreciate a tangible show of affection.  Write out all the reasons why you love him.  Praise him for all of his hard work, and don’t forget the little things. 

You may think that being detail-oriented is a female trait, but we’re all human.  Men love it when you notice the little things they do too. You may even get lucky and receive a response note.  

Do one of his domestic duties 

Sometimes an act of service says, “I love you” like nothing else.  Your husband probably has a very busy schedule, and it would help him out a bit for you to take a duty off of his shoulders.  

Mow the lawn one week for him, or take care of some other regular “chore” he is responsible for maintaining.  Granting your husband a pure moment of relaxation may be the best gift you can offer.  

Cook him his favorite meal 

You don’t have to be a dude to love it when someone cooks your favorite meal.  Your husband, however, may be uber excited to see his most coveted dish laid out on the table for him.  The time spent preparing nourishment shows love, and he’s sure to appreciate the refueling.

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