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Why You Should Consider Health Administration as a Future Career for Your Child

Children are fascinating creatures. Their naivety and sense of wonder at the world often provides a stark reminder of what it is that we lose as we grow older and wiser. For children, the world exists in simple black and white and the delineation between good and bad is simple. Many children aspire to become doctors and nurses when they grow older, a worthy aspiration at any age I’m sure you will agree. However, we adults know that things aren’t as simple as children believe. In the mind of a child, boys grow up to be doctors, while girls grow up to be nurses. That these roles are not gender exclusive and the training to become a fully qualified doctor is, unfortunately, out of reach for the majority of adults, doesn’t occur to most children.

We should never dissuade our children from having and pursuing dreams, especially when they are as noble as the desire to help their fellow human beings, but it is also good to help them develop a realistic understanding of the field. Girls should understand that they can become doctors too, boys should know that they can be nurses, and both should know that there are other roles within healthcare that are just as vital and rewarding.

One of these roles is that of a healthcare administrator. In this article, we take a look at some of the reasons why this is a career well worth teaching aspiring children about at a young age, and why it will make an excellent career later in life.

It’s an Essential Job

A healthcare administrator is an integral part of the modern hospital machinery. They act like managers, ensuring that every department has what it needs to perform its function and that the needs of all the other staff are being met. Without an administrator in place, doctors and nurses would not be able to focus on their patients.

Career Opportunities

The skills needed to undertake the work of a healthcare administrator are skills that are applicable to many other careers and areas of life. The experience gained while working as a health administrator cannot be replicated in any classroom, and so the longer that someone works in the job, the more valuable they become to other employers.

It Can be Studied at Anytime

The advent of online college courses now means that it is possible to study from home, or even while working at another job. As well as being an excellent course to study anyway, studying an online masters in health administration allows students to switch from another career to health administration without having to sacrifice their current job. An online MHA degree is perfect for those who would otherwise be unable to attend a university.

Excellent Salary

The salary that a health administrator earns is exceptional when compared to administrative positions in other sectors.

Health administration is an excellent career choice and is an opportunity to work in the uniquely rewarding field of healthcare.

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