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Summer Activities Ideas for Kids at Home

The recent changes in our lifestyle in this past year made parents probably much more creative than ever before. Those who raised kids during the peaks of the pandemic are certainly well aware of the beauties of crafting and tie-dying. However, chances are you might welcome something that takes you and your kids out of the house. As the weather gets warmer and warmer, a bunch of fun things that you can do outside present themselves. Let us take a closer look at kids-friendly summer activities that not only kids can enjoy:

Backyard camping

The necessary ingredients for the perfect backyard camping experience that lasts for days are as follows. A tent that can ideally be set up instantly, a headlamp, a folding camping cot, camping chairs, and an outdoor folding table. To make it the most memorable camping of all times, you can round it up with some extras. These can include an inflatable bed, sofa, or fort. Remember to have a telescope ready to watch the night sky and walkie talkies for every family member. If you want to go all out, not just literally, you may invest in some string lights and perhaps a camping hammock too.


Then, of course, there is the feasting, which will crown the whole camping trip. A must-have would be a propane gas grill, grilling tools set, outdoor storage, and a thermometer, among other things. Whether it is a portable campfire or a real one, the whole family can gather around it with some s’mores kits. You can engage in lively conversation about the highlights of the backyard camping. Alternatively, you can pose questions to your kids, like how is propane made or what do flames consist of and see what they have to say about it. Such activities allow the family to spend quality time together and get away from the routine of weekdays.

Creative games

Oftentimes, it does not take more than handing your kids a few colourful chalks and designate an area outside where they can get creative with them. The possibilities are plenty. Sidewalk chalk art, hopscotch, alphabet hop, and chalk maze are just a few of the activities a simple chalk could make happen. If you are ready to invest in more than that, go for the inflatables. You cannot really go wrong with having a land roller, a water slide, or a soccer set in the backyard. Talking about soccer, virtually anything will do that allows kids to sweat and exercise a little. Depending on how big of a Harry Potter fan your children are, you can set up the poles for muggle quidditch as well. If not that, then maybe a hula hoop obstacle course, sack races, or croquet.

Rainy-day fun

It may occasionally happen that your kids have to take a rain check. A read-a-thon may just be the perfect alternative when stuck indoors. It is up to you how you prefer to organize this family book club of yours. Maybe everyone is grabbing their favorite read and curling up on the sofa with some tea or hot chocolate. Perhaps, you are in the mood to take requests and read out something to your kids. You can also choose a book series and make it a regular event. This is also the ideal time to recount some childhood memories of yours, introduce some folktales, or tell a tall tale and bask in your kids’ disbelieving faces. Such occasions offer great opportunities for bonding and initiating an informative and fun conversation with your family.

Final Words

It is entirely up to you how much effort you want to put into your kids’ summer timeouts. It is not a question of budget, just a question of a little research and planning. Summer is ideally spent outdoors. Thus, the more outdoor activity you can cook up, the more beneficial the time will be for your children. You can think in terms of sports, crafts, or games, as long as your kids are outside, the vitamin D supply is guaranteed. As author and poet, Oscar Wilde  once noted, the best way to make children good is to make them happy. Now, what better way to make them happy than let them soak up some sunshine and fresh air?

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