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3 Ways To Prepare Your Teen For Being In Their First Car Accident

When you have a teen driver, you almost have to expect that they’re going to get into some kind of scrape or car accident at some point in the next few years. Even if this doesn’t happen, training your teen on what to do if and when a car accident does take place while they’re driving can make the entire experience much easier to manage, regardless of whether the accident was their fault or not.

To show you how this training can be done, here are three ways to prepare your teen for being in their first car accident as the driver. 

Remind Them To Remain Calm

Being in a car accident can be a scary experience. Even if it’s just a small fender-bender, dealing with the other driver, the police, and their parents can turn an already bad situation into something even more stressful for your teen.

So while this might be hard for you to set at the top priority when your teen gets in a car accident, Laura Flynn McCarthy, a contributor to Family Circle, shares that the very first thing you should remind your teen to do is to stay calm. If your teen is able to remain calm and remember that the most important thing right now is that no one got seriously injured, they’ll be much better able to handle the situation in a safe and orderly fashion. 

Call The Police And Your Parents

As soon as the car accident is over and your teen is in a safe place, the next thing they should do is call the police and call you. 

According to Your Teen Magazine, calling the police should be done for any type of accident, even if it’s just a minor one. This will ensure that a police report gets written up and that everything legally gets documented. Even if your teen is embarrassed or doesn’t want to involve the police for whatever reason, this is a crucial part of handling a car accident.

Additionally, by having your teen inform you of any type of accident that happens while they’re driving, you can assist them in making sure that everything gets taken care of as it needs to be done and that certain paperwork is filed appropriately with your insurance, lawyers, and more. 

Get The Right Information

At the scene of the accident, your teen is responsible for gathering all the necessary information to get the administrative side of the car accident taken care of. According to Amanda B. Jones, a contributor to Fox13Now.com, this includes information about any other drivers involved, any notes about the accident or investigation, and taking photos of what happened or any damage. 

To help your teen know what to do if and when they get in a car accident while driving, consider teaching them the tips mentioned above.

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