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How to Still Find Time for You After Having Children

They say that having kids is a life altering event and that every aspect of your life would be touched by them. It’s something that most people just cannot fully appreciate or understand until the time comes that they have children and see for themselves just how much things change. One of the most noticeable changes is just how much time you will devote to your child. Over time, your own needs and interest can start to fall down on the list of priorities until they are suddenly almost non-existent and you forget what it’s like to do something for yourself.

But here’s the thing, creating a happy balanced life means just that – there needs to be balance. So, as much as you want to give to your children, you can only be your best self if you’re still making time for your own needs and interests. To help you find that balance, here are some practical ways you can still find time for you after having children.

Date Night at Home

For parents with a young child or infant, getting out for a date night may be next to impossible. If that’s the case, don’t hesitate to create date night at home. Since your child is off to bed early at that age, the two of you can plan to have a later dinner, watch a movie on TV, play a board game, or even just chat and catch up on adultconversations.

Create a Spot in the Home that is Just Yours

You hear plenty about man caves, and now the popular ‘she sheds’ for women, and there is a reason for this. Carving out a spot in the home that is just for you – an adult-only space – allows you to enjoy a retreat and a quiet area where you can decompress and get away from it all even if only for a short little 15-minute break. It can be all you need to relax, re-focus, and then be that much more clear-headed.

When creating your own special spot in the house, be sure to include items you love, items that you find relaxing, and have nothing at all to do with the kids. For example, maybe you appreciate a good cigar from time-to-time, so why not include a comfy chair for cozying up in, pick up one of the best cigar lighters out there, and have a humidor stocked with your varieties onhand. It will be that retreat that truly leaves you feeling relaxed.

Stop Making Unrealistic To-Do Lists

Then there are the to-do lists that so many people use. While they certainly serve a purpose and can be quite handy, you don’t want to live and breathe by them. There’s also the fact they can get pretty unrealistic and out-of-hand, which leaves you feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

A good tip is to learn how to prioritize what goes on the list and what needs to be done versus what would be nice to do. Don’t forget to also schedule free time for yourself on that list.

The Time You Deserve

These simple tips can act as a starting point for you as you start to learn how important it is to make time for yourself.

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