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Tips to Throw a Tantalizing Taco Party

Whether you’re planning to have a party on Taco Tuesday, or you’re going to go ahead and make it a Taco Saturday, these parties inspired by Mexican fare are a favorite among hosts and guests alike. Throwing a taco party is fun and festive, and it is also an easy way to manage the food.

Below are some tips to throw the best taco party your guests have ever seen.

Delicious But Simple Appetizers

Appetizers are great to have at almost any party because they give your guests something to nibble on while they’re just getting to know everyone. The perfect appetizers for a taco party? A guacamole bar. Make several different kinds of guacamole and offer your guests different chips as well. It’s incredibly simple but delicious.

Create Elegant Options

Just because you’re having a taco-themed party doesn’t mean you can’t offer your guests world-class fare, and you can do this and still keep it relatively simple at the same time. Taco parties are great because it gives your guests the opportunity to choose the items they like, and it’s primarily a DIY dinner option. Think outside the box of the traditional taco toppings like ground beef and cheese. Mix it up by offering items like chorizo, fresh sliced radish, pork, pineapple, or shrimp. If you go with these kinds of ingredients, your taco party will instantly feel more sophisticated. Really want to wow your guests? Think about making your own homemade tortillas. What’s ideal about many of the items you might use for a taco party, such as braised meats, is that it can be made in a slow cooker, so you’re not scrambling to get everything finished right before the party.

Choose a Bright Color Palette

According to Party Swizzle, it’s a good idea to add lots of bold, bright colors in terms of your decorations. A bar area is a great place to really go out all out with your festive color palette. It’s also a good idea to create visual interest through the use of items of varying heights. Juxtapose the bright colors of your decorations with some natural items, such as rattan placements, or use a simple, fresh, white tablecloth to make your table settings pop. You can also save money and stick with the Mexican theme by using colorful paper flowers as opposed to real floral arrangements.

The Drinks

When you think taco party, the margarita is probably the first beverage that comes to mind, but you can experiment here. Depending on the season you might consider different types of margaritas, such as a watermelon option, or a lime and jalapeño version. Offer variations of both spicy and sweet drinks so there’s something for everyone. If you want to make things simple for yourself during the party so you can spend time enjoying your guests, go ahead and rim the glasses and have everyone serve themselves from pitchers.

A taco party is a fun themed event to throw, and it can range from feeling festive and even a bit silly, to chic and sophisticated, depending upon the type of tacos you serve, your drinks, and the overall décor you opt for.

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