Gifts New Parents will Truly Appreciate

Visiting new parents and their little bundle of joy for the first time is an honor. You’re excited to see them and take part in these precious early moments of their child’s life, and of course, you want to bring a gift. So how do you choose a gift for new parents? They may be swimming in baby shower gifts, or have doting grandparents just waiting to provide everything they need and more. But, there are items that will truly make their lives easier, or just make them feel good as they battle sleepless nights and shower-less days.

Here are a few gift ideas that new parents will truly appreciate. (Hint: none of them are for baby).

Bring on the Food

Between nappy changes, bathing baby, swaddling and snuggling, new parents don’t often have time to plan out and prepare nutritious meals. This is where you can come in – offer to bring them a home-cooked meal or provide them with a frozen lasagna and salad in a bag, with a great baguette on the side. Having a meal ready at hand can really be a lifesaver in the early days. Also, don’t forget about snacks. Nursing mums consume a few extra calories, and need extra-hydration, and dad will need some extra stamina during this time too.

Soft Robes and Slippers

In the first few weeks they’ll be spending plenty of time at home, so why not help them feel as comfortable as possible? A soft robe, slippers, maybe a memory foam pillow; all of these can help them really snuggle in and enjoy their time with their new baby.

Invigorating Beauty and Bath Products

Sometimes it can mean the world to new parents just to be able to slip away for a little alone time and have a nice bath or shower. Make bath time all the more luxurious with a refreshing, all-natural face or body scrub or a lavish lotion and shower gel. You can even bring mum a new mascara and lip gloss to help her feel like herself again. Just keep in mind that most new parents won’t want to put anything on with heavy artificial fragrances, as they need to ensure baby doesn’t have an allergic reaction.

Good coffee, wine or beer

Even new parents will need to let loose a little, or at least indulge in a fine morning espresso. Put together a little new-parent gift basket with a bottle of wine, two good beers or a pound of freshly roasted coffee and mugs, along with some sweet or savoury treats. They’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness, and recognition that they’re still people too.

Help Around the House

Be a friend by stopping by to mow the lawn, help with laundry, mop the floors, take the dog for a walk, or do any other necessary household task that may be a challenge for them at the moment. There’s nothing quite like giving your time and energy to help out. You can also offer to babysit, although they may not quite be ready to leave baby for the first time.

Choosing a gift for new parents is really about being thoughtful and considering what will be most helpful, or most comforting and enjoyable during this special time of life.

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