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The ultimate tricks to plan your big event – Making sure you’re on the right track

When you plan your wedding, there are few important things that are nice to be aware of and then there are many things you need to know. There are few advices which are so essential that any bride who is lucky enough to know it beforehand wonders how glad she is that someone informed her about it. Do you have your wedding round the corner? If you’ve been wondering about anything important that you may have missed, we’re here to give you a list of indispensable things that you should watch out for. Let’s take a look at some such points.

  • Guests are always your first priority

The first thing to check is to get a firm grip on the approximate list of guests whom you’re going to invite before you move on to settling down with the venue. Once you know the right number of guests, you would know that there’s ample space for the crew members. If there can be some rule to follow, you should allow 25-30 square feet per guest; this may seem like a lot but you should take into account bustling waiters, tables, the band and the entire dance floor.

  • Do some research on wedding blackout dates

Did you check ahead of time whether or not your wedding date falls on the same day as a charity walk, conference or some local event which could affect availability of hotel room or traffic? You will get a handy list of wedding dates that may cause problem and once you know them, try to avoid them. You may even consider other online guide to weddings.

  • Check the reward credit rewards program

You should reap the benefits of high cost weddings and sign up with some credit card reward program. Whether it offers you airline miles or some interesting deals on shopping, combining all purchases for wedding to this card will help you accumulate too many reward points which can ultimately help you in saving money.

  • Take suggestions from vendors

Allow one vendor to lead you to another one. For example, your wedding photographer can definitely tell you about the florist who delivers real good flowers and the reception manager will let you know which band has the capability of attracting everyone towards the dance floor.

  • Get focused in an organizational manner

Combine all correspondences with the vendors, all the small notes that you make during the meetings and the tear sheets which you want your vendors to see. Make a special email address which is dedicated to your wedding and store vital vendor numbers in the cell phone. Once you organizationally focus on these minute details, you will find yourself emerge successful.

For more detailed wedding planning guide, you can also hire an event management company which can take on all responsibilities of handling the event in the best way possible. Just make sure you pay him the right amount and that he has your best interests in mind.

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