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Things You Need to Know About Tuckpointing

Everything in this world has a definite time when it begins to undergo the wear and tear process, whether it is machinery, buildings or monuments. Everything deteriorates in value at some point.

Therefore, tuckpointing is the art of repairing mortar joints, especially masonry walls by grinding out the mortar to a specified depth then filling with a new one.

When to tuckpoint

When you notice your mirror is deteriorating, you can conduct a simple test before calling a masonry contractor. Take a key then rub it across the joints of a mortar and see if you can scratch off the powdered material.

If you can scratch it, then you need to tuckpoint, however, the first thing you need to do is to call the masonry contractor and evaluate the situation. When mortar is weakened, the bricks are broken down by moisture, which damages the entire house walls. If you tuckpoint correctly, you will get a relatively waterproof mirror joint that extends the life of a wall.

Process of tuck pointing

Following the following steps regardless of whether you hire a professional or decides to get your hands dirty:

  1. Remove the existing mirror joints to a one inch depth. You can rely on an old fashioned yet effective harmer and chisel, though it is time-consuming. Professionals use angle grinder to remove the mortar.
  2. Brush the debris and dust from the joints with a brush used by masonry. In turn, you can use an air nozzle with high-pressure.
  3. Mix new mirror and ensure it matches the existing color of the brick. Ensure to jot down the exact ratio if pigment to mirror so that they can blend subsequently.
  4. Fill the joints with new mortar but ensure horizontal joints are death with first.
  5. Remember to put mortar that is wet to joints and smoothen it.
  6. When mortar starts to be hard enough but is still semi-pliable, use straightedge together with a tuckpointing tool to scrape the straight line in the center of new joints.
  7. Apply carefully lime putty to the scrapped lines to form fillets which are contrasting the get rid of the excess.

Benefit of tuckpointing

As mentioned above, tuckpointing is an important task. You need to do it occasionally. Below are some of the benefits of tuckpointing:

Saves time

Neglecting to brickwork will just lead to deterioration of the walls. If you overlook the warning sign, it will be too late for tuckpointing, and you will have no other option than to bring down the building.

They bring out perfection

If you tuckpoint correctly, then you should expect your walls to look amazing. In addition, tuckpointing protects the wall structure for a long time. Tuckpointing Sydney professionals seal the gaps between the bricks. The building becomes resistant to weather conditions. There is no way that the weather can cause damage to the exterior.

If you have any query or need any help with tuckpointing, feel free to contact your local masonry, who will help you out with everything concerning tuckpointing.

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