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4 of the Best Deer Hunting Spots in the United States

As an American pastime, hunting still ranks as one of the most popular. There are some great hunting spots in key locations throughout the US, but it’s tough to narrow them down to just a handful. It makes it a little easier when you pick the game you want to hunt, in this case, deer, because only certain states support this type of hunting trip.

Let’s look at the best four deer hunting places to visit in 2018.


When it comes to hunting, Texans know their way around. While using a hunting rifle is quite common in other states, moving up to the AR-15 is the preference for the ultimate in firepower. The state also has plenty of handguns for sale, which are useful for finishing off a kill when hunting outdoors.

The state is also popular with deer hunters because it currently has a plentiful supply of bucks. Hunters head there quite often because they know there’s over a million acres of public land set aside for hunting purposes.


When you’re closer to the mid-west, Iowa comes to mind as a proven hunting state with a long history. However, you may be surprised to discover that there isn’t much ground set aside by the state expressly for hunting. Visitors from outside Iowa are required to have a license for hunting before making the trip too, so you cannot just head there on a whim and hope for the best. There are only so many licenses given out for every hunting season, so it’s on a first come, first served basis in Iowa.

The land set aside for hunting is unsullied by development and hunting operators there have all the supplies necessary for a great hunt. Hunting for deer there can be done by vehicle to get closer to the right spot, but given that the hunting lands aren’t expansive, roaming by foot is also possible too.


Louisville is the spot to head to when you’re close to the Kentucky border. The bucks roaming here are some of the largest in America and given its close proximity to Iowa, it’s possible to create a two-state hunting trip, as long as all the necessary licenses have been issued before heading out.

For hunters who prefer to be more outgoing with their peers, Louisville has a reputation for friendliness within the hunting community. There’s usually a packed calendar for people visiting from out of state looking to bag some bucks and hang out in the evening too.


The plentiful population of mule deer in Montrose and elsewhere in Colorado (over half a million at the last estimate) is more than any other state in the US. When compared to whitetail deer, the mule deer presents a great challenge because they often blend successfully into the background. There is public land to hunt on, but also several well-organized commercial hunting organizations operating near Montrose too.

Hunting for deer in the United States continues to be a pastime enjoyed by many people who want to feel the rush of adrenaline during the hunt. Every state that’s popular with hunters provides different scenery, grounds, landscape, and opportunities to visitors on a hunting adventure.

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