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7 Clever Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Your bathroom may be small but that doesn’t mean it can’t look super-chic and be absolutely practical. So, instead of just resenting it, think about all the ways you can improve it and make it your favourite place in the whole apartment. And, in order to help you out, we’ve prepared a list of several clever ideas for small baths.

Introduce some bolder colours

If you want to make your bathroom look so amazing that nobody even notices how small it is, feel free to paint it in bold nuances. For example, you can take a look at the Panton colour report for spring 2018 and check whether you like some of the shades they’ve singled out as the most popular ones. Finally, owing to the intensity of bold nuances, you won’t have to overcrowd your bathroom with any accessories in order to give it that final touch.

Small Bathrooms

Use the vertical space

The key to turning your stuffed bathroom into a practical one is using as much vertical space as possible. For example, instead of buying a huge cupboard, you can install a few wooden shelves one above the other and thus get much more free space for clean towels, hairdryer and all the cosmetics that you’re using. On top of that, think about buying a few baskets to store your other necessities as well since they are easy to move around and won’t occupy too much space.  Additionally, they’ll serve you as a great accessory as well adding a bit of the rustic feel to your bathroom.

Keep it clear of clutter

Clutter is definitely the worst enemy of small spaces. Therefore, you should pay extra attention to your bathroom and try to avoid bringing in any unnecessary items like big sets of scented candles or potted plants. Instead, make sure to keep it simple and opt for only those things that you really use. So, the moment you notice that you have so many objects lying around your vanity that you can’t find your toothbrush, you’ll know it’s time for some serious cleaning and decluttering.

Small Bathrooms

Small bathroom furniture

You may love huge furniture pieces, but it’s high time you faced the reality and realised that they wouldn’t do your tiny bathroom any good. Therefore, we advise you to give small bath tubs a try since they’ll fit in perfectly and we guarantee you that, when it comes to comfort, you won’t notice any difference. Additionally, the same goes for your vanity. Not only is a massive one totally unnecessary, but it will look absolutely hideous and even further accentuate just how small your bathroom actually is.

Go for a big mirror

Aside from being useful, mirrors are a great choice if you want to trick the eye and make your bathroom appear much more spacious. On top of that, you can take a look at various chic mirror frames and choose the one that will make your bathroom look absolutely elegant and sophisticated. However, don’t forget that its design should match the tiles as well in order to strike that perfect balance and turn your bathroom into a true oasis of peace.

Make a quality investment

The fact that your bathroom is small doesn’t necessarily have to be its biggest downside. On the contrary, we can consider this to be its main advantage. How is that possible? Well, the answer is quite simple – the less space, the fewer furnishings. Additionally, this may also mean that you can finally invest in high-quality items like a copper vessel sink and similar high-end furniture pieces and accessories.

Extend your floor tiles to the inside of the shower

Finally, another interesting trick for making your bathroom seem bigger is extending the tiles all the way to the inside of the shower. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Well, aside from looking cute and absolutely fashionable, this trend is also very practical since it makes the room feel significantly larger. For example, a famous interior designer called Alla Akimova went for the zig-zag tile pattern in one of her designs which has additionally broadened the floor creating an optical illusion of spaciousness.

As you can see, small bathrooms can look equally as great as the large ones. You just need to show off your creativity and try to come up with some practical designing ideas. After all, even the big ones can be impractical if you don’t use the space properly. Therefore, stop complaining, roll up your sleeves and get down to work.

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