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Lessons We Can Teach Children That They Will Take With Them For Life

As parents it is our jobs to set our children up for success to the best of our ability. Believe it or not many of the behaviors that children take with them to adulthood are modeled after their parent’s behaviors. Children are much smarter than many people give them credit so they will know your true colors. Teaching your children will be done through your actions as simply telling them how to live is not as effective. There are lessons that your children will learn on their own but the following are lessons that they will take with them for life.

Be On Time Always

Being prompt is something that is learned as children of parents who are chronically late tend to be late themselves. This is one of the most disrespectful things that you can do as in essence you are saying your time is more important than the time of the people you are late to meet. Show up to practices or school 5 or 10 minutes late to help instill this in your child. Professionally this will be one of the best lessons that can be taught as showing up late to a job or meeting can lead to termination at nearly every job. Deadlines are also another form of being on time so pushing these off for work will ring resonate with your kids. Even showing up early for work can have positive professional impacts as those who show up early are looked at by management as working harder regardless if this is true or not.

Fix Things Immediately Instead of Waiting Until You Have To

Putting things off like car or home repairs teaches children to put things off until you really have to do them. A plumbing issue being put off can lead to a variety of problems throughout the home. Water damage and mold can end up costing more than fixing the plumbing in the first place. Make sure to call one of the great Carrum Downs Plumbers or a master mechanic to help with these types of repairs. Not fixing things until absolutely necessary an teach a child to procrastinate until they absolutely have to do something. Teach your kids to fix things as they arise instead of letting them compound.

Treatment of Servers at Restaurants

Treating people who are working for you or serving you at a restaurant poorly is a vile thing to do. Entire families can be guilty of this with the insulting of a server who has made a mistake. Saying things like “it is not like their job is that hard” precipitates an attitude of looking down on those who perform services for us. Treat all people at a restaurant in a respectful way as your children are watching. Let your tip reflect the service but do not demean the person themselves as you do not know if they are just starting or having a life crisis. This will transfer to other treatment of people whether it is someone taking care of the lawn or working on your car. Those who are working to serve us or help us should be treated fairly irrespective of how much you are paying them.

Facing Conflict Head On

Far too many people today do not know how to face conflict head on. This could be in the workplace with gossip or badmouthing other employees instead of confronting a problem with them. Let your child know that it is important to let someone know that you have a problem with something that they have been doing. The act of standing up for yourself is an important thing to do in today’s landscape of people being offended if you disagree with them. This does not mean to tell your child to argue with everybody they disagree with but rather constructively hash out problems with an individual.  Conflict resolution skills will help your child with their confidence, relationships, as well as they career in the future.

We are the examples that we set for our children even if this might not be the best thing. Be the best example for your children as possible as their behavior will reflect on you. Setting your child up for success as an adult might not be the easiest thing to do but it will be especially rewarding. Try to teach your child the lessons you learned as a child that stuck with you. The things that impacted your life are likely to impact their lives as well as desirable characteristics rarely change.

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