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How to Reconnect with Old Friends

There are certain times in our lives when friends drop off the radar – whether it be due to friction or simply losing touch over the years. While there are some people you don’t mind losing contact with as your life changes, there are others you always hoped would be in your close circle forever. With job-hopping, moving house, and perhaps even a few crosswords, it can be extremely easy to lose these connections, despite being in the age of social media. It can be difficult to make the first move in fear of getting rejected, but it’s something you may be keen to pursue, so you have no regrets.

If you’re hoping to reconnect with an old friend, here are some of the key tips to keep in mind:

Keep it simple

The goal is to make the other friend feel comfortable when you first make contact, so keep things sweet and simple as opposed to immediately dragging up the past. The last thing you want to do is start an unnecessary argument that makes things worse than they already are.  Your message doesn’t have to be extremely detailed – a quick ‘Hey, how are you doing?’ could be all that’s needed to get the ball rolling.

Arrange a meet-up

You’ve probably uttered the words ‘let’s grab a coffee’ multiple times to an old friend but never actually followed through with the plan. More often than not, it can be greatly overlooked as a meaningless statement that will never happen. So, if you want to attempt to meet up, arrange a set date and time. Making these plans will act as the base for your friendship and shows that you’re interested in getting things back on track.

Send a gift

What better way to show an old friend you’re thinking of them than sending a gift through the post? Writing a letter with a gift is an exceptional gesture to show how much you care due to the effort it takes on your part, instead of a quick text or social media message. Think of a gift that is personal and displays how well you know them – for example, sending them their favorite beverage, a pamper set, or even a retro gaming or music merchandise from for those who enjoy a spot of retro culture. They are sure to be overjoyed with the surprise and could be the little step needed to re-establish an old friendship.

Address serious issues

Once you have made the initial connection, it may be time to address the serious issues of why you have lost contact in the first place. Although you may be having a great time enjoying each other’s company again, you’ll never be able to move on from what happened if you don’t have a sincere conversation about what went wrong – especially if there was toxicity. Failing to do so will only create long-term resentment and awkwardness, so it would be best to have it out in a direct yet calm manner to communicate your thoughts and feelings.

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