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4 Common Cat Owner Mistakes to Avoid

As cats are more independent than dogs, it is easy to provide them with more freedom inside and outside the home. While feline friends are often less demanding than canines, they still have various basic requirements that some owners might overlook due to their laidback nature.

If you’re welcoming a kitten or an adult cat into your life, or you want to provide your current pet with the best possible care, check out the four common cat owner mistakes to avoid.

  1. A Lack of Veterinary Care

Cat owners often attend a veterinary clinic less than dog owners, despite the public owning more cats than dogs. Due to a cat’s independent lifestyle, an owner might underestimate the importance of taking their feline friend to a vet. Yet, cats and kittens are susceptible to various illnesses and injuries. Plus, they are masters at disguising them. What’s more, felines tend to develop subtle early symptoms of a disease, and older cats’ health issues are often mistaken for old age.

As you will want to keep your cat happy, safe, and healthy, you must take your kitten or cat along to routine veterinary appointments at a reputable clinic. easyvet makes it easy for cat owners to provide their feline friends with the best possible care, as they offer a walk-in clinic, appointment bookings, and affordable packages and plans.

  1. Overfeeding

According to a recent survey, 59.5% of cats in the United States are overweight or obese, and the statistic hasn’t changed much from previous years. Pet obesity is often caused by one or more of the below factors:

  • A poor lifestyle
  • Bacteria in a pet’s gut and stomach
  • Genetics
  • Hormonal imbalances

If your cat is overweight or obese, the health issue could shorten its lifespan by two years or more. Decreasing a pet’s calories and increasing exercise could help your pet lose weight; however, an underlying condition might affect their health. If your cat is overweight or underweight, consult an experienced vet for nutritional advice.

  1. Neglecting Your Cat’s Oral Health

A study found 70% of cats will develop periodontal disease as early as two years old. If you’re guilty of neglecting your pet’s oral health, it’s time to right this wrong by caring for their teeth and gums each day.

Some cats can tolerate an owner brushing their teeth. However, if it is an impossible task, there are other ways to clean their mouth, as you could introduce recommended foods, offer dental chews, apply gels, or provide toys and bones to chew. If in doubt, talk to a vet for advice.

  1. Ignoring Frequent Hairballs

Most cats will cough up the occasional hairball. However, frequent vomiting, coughing, or gagging with or without hairballs shouldn’t be ignored, as they are often signs of a health issue. Rather than putting the problem down to hairballs, take your feline to a vet for an exam, as they might have gastrointestinal disease, a skin disease, or another health condition that is causing this.

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