Surgery Day

Today Reagan is having surgery to have tubes placed in both her ears. She has had fluid building up in […]

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Margarita Shots For The Modern Mama

Margarita Shots Just For Mama This recipe has been perfected by my husband after we made a trip to Stowe, […]

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Chicken Caprese Sandwich

Open Face Chicken Caprese Sandwich

Here is a recipe I stole from Pinterest~ Gotta love Pinterest!! The best part is it takes all of 15 […]

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Weighing The Pros And Cons Of DayCare

Since we moved back to California we decided to put Reagan into daycare a couple days a week. It would […]

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Unplug your Toddler

“Honey…who is Elmo?” She’s pointing furiously at the iPad and demanding Elmo. Yes, it’s true. My iPad has now become […]

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kids Wagon

Wagon Love

Ever since we’ve gotten her new Fold It & Go Wagon she has been obsessed…demanding to go the park and […]

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Mimicking Behavior

Lately I started noticing Reagan beginning to imitate my every move and repeat almost everything that I say. During the […]

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